Join us for 14 action-packed days in Israel

“The Lord builds up Jerusalem;
He gathers together the outcasts of Israel.” Psalm 147:2

Fifty young people from 14 countries came on Engage: Israel 2017 with varied hopes and expectations. The Bible came alive before their eyes. God was doing an eternal work in their hearts. Are you ready for next year?

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Explorers Experience

See the ancient stories of the Scriptures come to life as we explore everywhere from the dusty deserts of the Negev, the Old City streets of Jerusalem and up to the refreshing Sea of Galilee. Deepen your faith with in-depth teaching, enjoy times of worship, prayer and quiet reflection, all of course mixed with a healthy dose of fun! Walking where Jesus walked and camping in the desert where Abraham roamed you will see the bible like never before, the Explorers Experience is guaranteed to be a life changer!

Warriors Experience

The Warriors Experience is for you!
With in-depth teaching on prayer, intercession and worship, we will learn and experience together as you travel across the land of Israel. From the epicenter in Jerusalem to the boarders in the north and south we will partake in worship with Messianic congregations, pray alongside locals for the work of Aliyah, the salvation of Israel, and the continued fulfillment of God's covenant promises in this nation and the world.
Like the worshippers who led the way in the battle of Jericho, the warriors experience will be training your hands for battle!

Pioneers Experience

Roll up your sleeves and take action! Come and spend an exciting time with a settler’s community in the midst of the Judean Hills. Together with them we will use our hands to plant trees and build houses - just as it is promised. Discover the challenging life of these pioneers and join them celebrating Shabbat. They will share their immense biblical and practical knowledge about Judea and Samaria, the bible will come alive in front of your eyes!